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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Report from the Legislature: Gambling on Water

This week those who feel gambling will solve all New Hampshire' financial woes had their chance to present their case to the 'full House. This week also saw a vote on whether the state will support local control of resourses, particularly water.

For a full report, click here.

Next time you see them, ask your Republican reps how they voted on the water issue that so affects their Nottingham and Northwood constituents.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Save NH State Parks-and other stuff

This week the NH House voted in support of license plates to support state parks. NH is the only state which relies totally on fees and our parks, one of the cornerstones of the NH advantage, need help. There is a serious threat from those who want to privatize these treasures.

The governor has indicated that he would support sequential numbers as a version of park vanity plates [get yours early for a low number] which could make them even more enticing as NH has a high incidence of vanity plates.

Click for photos from The Forum of the plate designs as well as other issues considered recently.