My Pledge

I pledge to be fiscally responsible, protective of individual rights, attentive to local needs, supportive of families, and responsive to constituents.

Contributions may be made
c/o Andrew Robertson fiscal agent - PO Box 498 - Northwood, NH 03261 or online at ACT BLUE.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why am I runnning?

I taught my students that our government is as strong as the commitment of its citizens to make it work. That requires participation, and I am fortunate enough to be able to make the time commitment required.

The people of the communities in Rockingham District 1 face such issues as balancing growth while preserving rural character, attracting and supporting business while protecting our environment and resources, particularly our water, and dealing with deteriorating infrastructure. Education and equitable property taxation are issues we share with others around the state.

My experience in education and business, and commitment to my community, give me the necessary qualifications to serve the people of Rockingham District 1.

Maureen Mann's Background

  • Public School Teacher for 30+ years, contract negotiating team.
  • Realtor, Owner/Broker of real estate company, high sales awards
  • Original managing editor and Board Chair of The Forum, the award-winning online and print newspaper which has brought local news to the area.
  • Grant writer for original and subsequent grants to create and maintain The Forum
  • Current editor, reporter, manager and photographer for The Forum
  • Winner of the Sherburne Award in 2006 for contributions made to the Community of Deerfield
  • Charter member of Middlesex Lioness [since merged with Lions]
  • Trustee of the Philbrick James Library, library volunteer
  • New Hampshire master gardener
  • Deerfield Community Church Fair Committee, regular volunteer at Fair booth and currently responsible for fish chowder for Deerfield Fair.
  • “Senior Lunch” program cook and volunteer, rabies clinic volunteer.
Maureen lives in Deerfield with her husband Bob, a self-employed machinist, and her 96-year-old mother-in-law, Gertrude.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Maureen Mann throws her hat in the ring

Maureen Mann has signed up to run in the special election for state representative in Rockingham District 1 [Candia, Deerfield, Northwood and Nottingham]. The seat was recently vacated by Robert Johnson of Northwood, the longest seated member of the General Court.

The primary election will take place on December 18 with the final election on January 22.