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I pledge to be fiscally responsible, protective of individual rights, attentive to local needs, supportive of families, and responsive to constituents.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grazing Youtube

Several people have sent me links to other videos of my opponent. It got me thinking about what might be out there about me. Here is is, a thing I made for a conference on citizen journalism: Starting The Forum. A wise choice on someone's part to make the photo be of Adi Rule rather than me.

To whom much is given ... .

Someone should remind Ann Coulter about Luke.

I am not going to repeat what Coulter said in her tweet, but this is a response by a more intelligent and compassionate young man: an-open-letter-to-ann-coulter.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Compared to my opponent

I am not running for office to promote some personal agenda; I am running to restore balance and serve my constituents. I have demonstrated a commitment to my constitutents with legislation I have filed in the past [see posts below], often across Party lines, and with attention to local issues and involvement in events in the four communities.

My opponent sought the Libertarian candidacy for president in 2000 and is very involved in the Free State Project. He seeks to eliminate government, expand gun rights and eliminate shared responsibility for our state and to our fellow citizens. When serving in the past he did not meet with constituents and continues to only seek interaction with Republican and Libertarian voters.  He is running to promote his own anti-government agenda not represent his constituents

George McGovern died today

George McGovern died today.  He was the first candidate for whom I worked as an adult and a voter. 

A man of integrity who fought for what was right for the country--who understood that old men planned wars but young men died--who served his country in war but fought so that others would not have to do so. 

A man who told the truth about the lies told by those in power but was ignored until we could ignore it no longer--who suffered an electoral defeat because of it but truly would rather be right than president. 

A man  who was never without dignity and compassion, who worked across the aisle to end hunger, and who made us proud to be progressive.

Mann an excellent choice for state legislature

A LTE  from a constituent published in the Union Leader on October 18. Thank You Rebecca.

To the Editor: The towns of Deerfield, Northwood, Nottingham and Candia have an excellent choice this November for state representative. Former Rep. Maureen Mann is a highly respected member of our community who is endorsed by Obama and Romney fans alike.

A retired realtor
and teacher, Maureen has received endorsements from the Sierra Club, AFL-CIO and SEIU. She has provided more communication about the goings-on of the legislature than any official we’ve ever seen.

Friday, October 12, 2012

What is the state's role in public education?

 Public education  has been proven to take people out of poverty. The state must  support the Claremont decision--which was being done under Democratic leadership--and we should seek to go beyond an adequate  to an excellent education for every K-12 student. Funding should not be diverted from public schools to private and parochial schools through a voucher system as Republicans are supporting. Nor should we amend the constitution to allow legislative control of education funding.

The cuts of almost 50% to the university system should  be restored as should funding for the 2-year college system. Efficiencies should be identified and put into practice but we are losing our young people and need to provide an education system attractive enough, and affordable enough,  to keep them in the state.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is the role of government?

 Unlike my opponent who does not believe in government, I do. Government should provide a "ladder" for us to climb, and a boost onto the first few rungs. I see these first  rungs as good public education,  basic health care, protection of civil rights and freedoms, a strong transportation and communication infrastructure in which to grow and thrive, and a safe environment.

After that, how high you climb is up to you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three issues facing New Hampshire

While I could list many issues facing New Hampshire today, I will talk about three which I believe are of particular importance.

1. Revenue, specifically high property taxes and downshifting from state government to local communities,  and the burden of the BET which almost encourages  small companies to lay off workers during difficult economic times. I will support legislation to study our current tax structure and look at all options--who is affected by each and how they are affected. I am not promoting any specific answer. I am supporting asking the questions.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I plan to begin to post my views on various issues as they currently stand.  Stay tuned.

please let me know what areas or concerns you would like to see me talk about.

Response to being called a 'Liberal' [with apologies to JFK]

What do our opponents mean when they apply the label "Liberal?" If they mean, as they want people to believe, someone who is soft in policies, against local government, and unconcerned with the taxpayer's dollar, I am not that kind of "Liberal." But if they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal."

I will keep in touch

I have been the only local member of the House to hold scheduled 'talk sessions' in our town libraries to hear resident’s concerns, and the only one to provide regular reports in the local newspaper.

I want to represent YOUR agenda, not promote my agenda.

During my previous service as a state representative...

I introduced legislation to promote and protect the interests of our District, including specific legislation to benefit residents of all four communities, often working across Party lines to do so. [Examples: protecting local control of groundwater, upholding rights on private property, upgrading the classification of Pleasant Lake]

I am particularly proud of my work leading to a traffic signal at the intersection of Routes 4 and 107, as well as my sponsorship of legislation naming a portion of Route 43 the Robert A. Johnson Highway.

The Issues

The people of Candia, Deerfield, Northwood and Nottingham face such issues as balancing growth while preserving rural character, attracting and supporting business while protecting our environment and resources--particularly our water--and dealing with deteriorating infrastructure. Funding education and dealing with burdensome property taxes (often as a result of downshifting from cuts at the state level) are issues we share with others around the state.


I taught my students that our government is as strong as the commitment of its citizens to make it work. I have demonstrated that commitment through my efforts in my community:

I am a retired educator and small business owner. I wrote the grant to start The Forum and have served as a reporter, editor, board member and chair. I have been a library trustee and volunteer, a member of the MBC, involved in the Deerfield Senior Lunch Program, the NH Master Gardener program, the Deerfield Community Church and Nottingham Community Unitarian Church, the Lions, and the Deerfield Fair. I have twice been elected to the NH House from the previous Rockingham District 1.